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Designed for Entrepreneurial Educators

Everyone one of our products, services and software is 100% designed for entrepreneurial educators like
freelance trainers, private tutors and professional speakers who work from home.

Our clients are ready to leverage the cloud and turn their talents into automated income using Digital Learning Classooms as well as save time, money and space through Automated Admin. They are ready to declutter their home office space, and sometimes for the most bold, even completely redesign their lifestyle architecture.

Each of our services includes the basic version of The YOU Blueprint™ 3D personality assessment.

To find if we're a good fit, check the About You page above, and if it sounds like you, just contact Alan for  a zero obligation discovery call.

Work FLOW Design

A strategic Work Flow design consultation delivered at your home office.

Space FLOW Design

The Space FLOW Design service is about balancing the natural energy that flows through your space. We'll assess your home office layout by integrating the design principles of Architectural Psychology and Colour Psychology with the ancient Chinese wisdom of Feng Shui. You'll receive a sketch of recommended improvements and a plan for how to implement them.

Integrated Software Implementation

A full design and build service of integtrated cloud software. Our team are experts (and mostly Certified) in the leading cloud apps; Infusionsoft, Accessally, LearnDash, Memberium, WordPress, Xero and Zapier.

To help you keep your physical and mental space in FLOW, you'll also receive a copy of Alan's upcoming book
'The Declutter Code: Discover the Natural Laws of Life Balance.'

Alan's unique perspective on the nature of human and economic change. His insights into the biology of personality have impacted how ay I recruit and develop our people.
Michael Deaver, Strategic Career Coach

A passionate speaker with heart, Alan gives you the truth about what it takes to both win customers and keep them coming back.
Brandon Johnson,
Co-author, Hospitality from the Heart

About Alan

Alan Lewis is a technology and property entrepreneur, designer, teacher, speaker and work flow architect. With a mission to improve workplace wellbeing, he designs tools for the learning and development sector to support the transition to an entrepreneurial economy. Read the long version.

Our purpose is to liberate the world's entrepreneurial spirits. Our mission is to elevate workplace wellbeing by building evolutionary tools for innovative educators. Our vision is a global economy where people know, understand and leverage their natural flow.

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