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Alan’s understanding of human behaviour ensures his strategies will deliver you more business. If you get a chance to attend one of Alan’s events I recommend you cancel your plans and get there.
Karen Morgan | Trainer, Coach, Speaker

Alan has a unique perspective on the nature of human and economic change.

His insights into the biology of behaviour have impacted how I recruit and develop our people.
Michael Deaver | Strategic Career Coach

Talks Designed for Workplace Wellbeing

As App Addictions rise and technological innovations turn careers, companies and even industries upside down, the resulting economical and emotional disruption produces an almost constant state of stress and overwhelm.

Organisations committed to workplace wellbeing need a holistic model that integrates intrinsic and extrinsic change.
At it's core, we need to clarify our values and
redesign our relationships with software, space and stuff.

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About Alan

Alan Lewis is a workflow architect and architectural designer specialising in minimalism. He's also a speaker, author and the creator of the SELFetics™ System, the 3D Human Energy Assessment that uses biochemistry to improve workplace wellbeing through Life Balance.

His career spans 25 years as a managment systems trainer, consultant and sales executive to both the public and private education sector, including 10 years with a FTSE 100 company. During that time Alan has advised leaders of £300 million LEA's and taught thousands of teachers, trainers and educators to create rapid process improvements by integrating leading edge technology with game changing psychology.


His philosophies are built on the foundation of four core beliefs:

• technological innovation will simultaneously improve and disrupt lives.
• sustainable workplaces require designing integrated business models.
• productivity improves when organisations practice Life Balance.
• our work brings fulfilment when it aligns with our natural gifts.


As a natural systems thinker, his multi-functional background in finance, technology, behavioural economics, customer psychology and property development mean his talks provide unique insights into Integrated Sytems Architecture and enable him to deliver high impact presentations that will challenge how your audience think about their business and work.

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On Demand Courses range from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

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Webinars are live and 60 or 90 minutes in duration.

Webinars can also be used combined with a live, in person room event. 

Master Classes

Masterclasses are live 90 minute or 3 hour courses.

They are available as in house courses or via meeting organisers.

Conference Speaking

Conference keynotes are suitable for conferences and delivered upto 60 minutes.

Guest speaking is suitable for smaller team meetings.

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About Alan

Alan Lewis is a workflow architect and architectural designer specialising in minimalist design. He's the creator of SELFetics™ as well as a speaker and author. His purpose is to improve workplace wellbeing and career fulfillment using life balance. He designs curriculum, spaces and tools to support parents, teachers and educators in the transition to an entrepreneurial economy.

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