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Alan’s understanding of human behaviour ensures his strategies will deliver you more business. If you get a chance to attend one of Alan’s events I recommend you cancel your plans and get there.
Karen Morgan

I’ve arranged many events and experienced many speakers and trainers and Alan is one of the most engaging speakers I have ever seen. I would happily recommend Alan as a speaker.
Rebekah Daniel

Talks Designed for Entrepreneurial Educators

Everyone of Alan's presentations include the basic version of The YOU Blueprint™ 3D personality assessment.
Whether your audience are ready to leverage automation, or even completely redesign their value model architecture,
just contact Alan to discuss your event.

About Alan

Alan Lewis is a technology entrepreneur, speaker and author. In his work as a Work Flow Architect he's created The YOU Blueprint™ System, a next generation 3D personality assessment built on the Science of Human Energy Systems.

His career spans 25 years as a managment systems trainer, consultant and sales executive to the education sector, including 10 years in the with a FTSE 100 company. During that time Alan has advised educators of £300 million pound LEA's and taught thousands of teachers, trainers, educators and speakers to create rapid process improvements by integrating leading edge technology with game changing psychology.


His philosophies are built on the foundation of three core beliefs:

• our work brings fulfilment when it aligns with our natural gifts.
• we need to design more sustainable business models.
• technological innovation will simultaneously improve and disrupt lives.
• workplace wellbeing will be driven by socially conscious entrepreneurs.


Alan is a natural systems thinker, and his multi-functional background in accounting, behavioural economics, customer psychology and technology all his talks come with unique insights into Integrated Sytems Architecture and allow him to deliver high impact presentations that will challenge how your audience think about their work.

Key Note and Guest Speaking

Key note and guest speaking can be delivered in 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions. Key notes are suited to large company events while guest speaking is designed for smaller company events like team meetings.

Master Classes

Masterclasses are delivered as 90 minute, half day or one day sessions and are available as contracted in house courses or open courses through associations or chambers of commerce.

Online Courses

Webinars are live and 60 and 90 minutes in duration, and can also be used in a hybrid format for a live, in person room event. Online Courses are available On Demand and contain between 90 minutes and 12 hours.

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Alan's unique perspective on the nature of human and economic change. His insights into the biology of personality have impacted how ay I recruit and develop our people.
Michael Deaver, Strategic Career Coach

A passionate speaker with heart, Alan gives you the truth about what it takes to both win customers and keep them coming back.
Brandon Johnson,
Co-author, Hospitality from the Heart

About Alan

Alan Lewis is a technology and property entrepreneur, designer, teacher, speaker and work flow architect. With a mission to improve workplace wellbeing, he designs tools for the learning and development sector to support the transition to an entrepreneurial economy.

Our purpose is to liberate the world's entrepreneurial spirits. Our mission is to accelerate workplace wellbeing by building  evolutionary tools for innovative educators. Our vision is a global economy where people know, embrace and leverage their natural gifts.

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