About You

Here's to the teachers.

The change makers.

The entrepreneurial ones.

The forward thinking ones.

The passionate ones.

To the ones who see potential when others see limits.

To the ones who see opportunity, when others see obstacles.

To the ones who seek solutions when others see problems.

To the ones who don’t know the meaning of ordinary, or average.

Because they are driven to excel, to amaze and to stand out.

To those who never say ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.’

Because their mantra is ‘if it’s not broke, let’s make it better.’

To the ones who know it’s not just about developing a business,

But about developing your people.

And that it’s not just about growing your profits,

But about growing your spirit.

To the ones who know it’s not just about having a plan,

But about having a purpose.

That’s why they don’t just see things as they are,

They see things as they could be.

So while some focus on building a business,

They focus on building a future.

And while some are motivated to make a living,

They are inspired to make a difference.

And while others may think of them as mad,

We design evolutionary tools for educators like them.

Because those who are inspired to transform an industry,

Are usually the ones who do.

Take Care. Teach Well. Tech Smart.

Alan. x